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Freedom251 is Back Again

Hello Guys,

Freedom251 is Back Again
Freedom251 is Back Again

Freedom251 is back again with Loyalty Program. So Again chance to get Freedom251 mobile.

But you need to pay Rs.550 per mobile. Also you will get loyalty card from ringing bells you can get additional discounts from ringing bells product. For more details visit their official website

Register your phone today.

Reliance and Aircel Merged

Reliance and Aircel Merged

Reliance and Aircel Merged
Reliance and Aircel Merged

Anil Ambani's Reliance Communications agreed to merge its wireless telecom business with smaller rival Aircel to create the country's 4th-biggest mobile phone operator with base of more than Rs 65,000 cr.

In the largest consolidation in the country's telecom sector, RCom & Aircel's majority owner, Malaysia's Maxis Communications Berhad (MCB), announced signing of definitive documents for the merger of their Indian wireless businesses.
RCom and Aircel will hold 50 per cent share each in the new company. The board of the new company will have equal representation from the two sides.

At the same time Mukesh Ambani JIO got huge response from peoples. Very soon JIO will join the biggest mobile phone operators list.

Stay with us for more.

Reliance Jio Officially Launched All the Devices & Offers

Dear Friends,

Reliance Jio Officially Launched All the Devices & Offers
Reliance Jio Officially Launched All the Devices & Offers

Good News to all the users.

Reliance Jio has been officially launched for all the devices.

Reliance Offers:

Unlimited Free Phone Calls till Dec 31st.

Unlimited 4G for free or low cost.

Unlimited Free SMS,

Stay with us for more.

Reliance JIO Preview Offer Supported Devices

Reliance JIO Preview Offer Supported Devices
Reliance JIO Preview Offer Supported Devices

Reliance recently launched their 4g services named JIO with preview offer

Unlimited 4g, unlimited call, unlimited SMS

Initially service launched only LYF phones now they extend to SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, ASUS devices.

They need download Jio app from playstore to get preview offer.

Olympics Fun Facts -

Olympics Fun Facts -

Olympics Fun Facts -

Fun Facts About Olympics

Opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics started already in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

WalletHub, a personal-finance research site, uses a variety of data to calculate assorted "best of" and "worst of" compilations, including geographic comparisons about sports. 

Here's detailed report of what the site says about the 2016 Summer Olympics:

$11.5 billion: Estimated costs of hosting the Rio games.

$895 million: Amount the Brazilian government gave to the state of Rio for Olympic security spending.

10,500: Athletes competing.

555: American athletes competing at the games.

206: Nations sending athletes to the games.

32: Tons of dead fish that are expected to be pulled from the rowing and canoeing lagoon before competition.

21: Cities in Brazil that are among the top 50 cities with highest murder rates in the world. (The United States has four on the list.)

$6: Low end of the range for ticket prices to events (highest is $365.)

2: Sports making a comeback at the 2016 Summer Olympics – golf and rugby.

We will come up with more interesting details. Stay with us for more.

Google Omnitone project web-based VR

Hello Team,

Google Omnitone project web-based VR
Google Omnitone project web-based VR

We are back ..!

Google Omnitone project web-based VR

As has been the case with so many industries, the pendulum of VR will eventually swing back from dedicated apps towards web-based systems — and when that happens, Google will be ready. It published details of a new method for delivering serious surround sound over the web, a system it calls Omnitone.

Plain ol’ multi-channel surround sound may be fine for watching a movie on a flat screen, but when you’re navigating a virtual environment with total spatial autonomy, you need a bit more. You need ambisonics, which simulates a full sphere of sound around you, giving sounds coordinates in 3D space and letting a renderer do the work of converting that coordinate into the appropriate soundwaves.

The problem Google’s Chrome WebAudio team faced was how to make this happen in the browser using the tools already available — so as not to clutter the web with yet another standard. The solution they came up with is clever, but really quite straightforward.

The ambisonic sound stream is as much about the location of the sound as the sound itself, so Omnitone combines that location with orientation data from the VR headset’s sensors. So if your head is pointed rightwards and upwards X and Y degrees, that transformation is applied to the ambisonic stream right away and the whole audio sphere is shifted relative to the user.

Then it makes its way to a 8-speaker virtual speaker setup, then mixed down to stereo using a binaural renderer — and voila, you’ve got passable streaming full-sphere surround sound using nothing but existing web components!

You can test it out on these demos — that is, if you can get them to load. I couldn’t. But there will probably be a more full-fledged rollout soon with a YouTube VR experience or the like, so I’m not worried. Everything’s open source, of course; check out the code here on GitHub.

Source: Techgig

About New Pokemon GO

About New Pokeman Go

About New Pokemon GO
About New Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is not going to drive innovation in battery power storage all on its own.

"What will drive the need for better batteries is the continued success of Pokemon GO and resulting apps and games, the report noted.

We will also likely see the return of the removable, replaceable battery as a big selling point -- again, if Pokemon GO lasts, the report added.

The newly-launched famous Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokemon Go has overtaken Twitter in terms of daily users and has seen people spending more time on its app than on Facebook.

This is how the game works.
It uses the GPS capabilities of your device in conjunction with Google Maps to "place" creatures in real world locations, which you then try to find using your device as a guide.
Once you are in proximity to the "placed" creature, you then use your device's camera to "view" the creature and try to "capture" it.

The Pokemon Go is available on Google Playstore and Apple's App Store in the US, Japan and Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Britain and Germany and is coming soon to India, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.

But not yet launched in india. Very soon its available in india too.

Stay with us for more updates.

Recharge Coupons: Offers 50% Cashback. Jul 2016 - Developerinvention

Recharge Coupons: Offers 50% Cashback. Jul 2016 - Developerinvention

Recharge Coupons: Offers 50% Cashback. Jul 2016 - Developerinvention

online mobile recharge cash back

Please follow following steps to get 50% cashback for recharges:

  • Please download helpchat app from google play store.
  • Register account
  • Use coupon code "RCJULY" to get 50% cashback.

T & C:

  • Cashback will be credited immediately 
  • Not valid for Airtel users 
  • Offer valid for first 1000 users

Recharge Coupons: Offers 50% Cashback. Jul 2016 - Developerinvention

online mobile recharge cash back

Twitter Followers For Free How to get 1000 twitter followers Instant

Twitter Followers For Free How to get 1000 twitter followers Instant

Twitter Followers For Free How to get 1000 twitter followers Instant
Twitter Followers For Free How to get 1000 twitter followers Instant

Hi Friends,

There is lot of ways to get 1000 followers on twitter. But don't try unofficial ways like twitter follower generator tool etc., there is chance to hack your password. Be careful there is official method how to get 1000 followers on twitter.

1) Check the trending videos on youtube and download that, edit that video on put your twitter link in that. Once video is upload you can start receive followers.

2) Update your twitter link famous facebook wall and comments. This also increase the followers.

Do the above two steps, immediately you will get more than 1000 twitter folllowers.

Stay with us for more.

How LinkedIn Could Make Microsoft Dynamics

How LinkedIn Could Make Microsoft Dynamics

How LinkedIn Could Make Microsoft Dynamics
How LinkedIn Could Make Microsoft Dynamics

India will be crucial to Microsoft as it seeks to make its acquisition of LinkedIn a success by using the platform to expand the market for its cloud products through the vast membership of professionals on it.

The country is the second biggest base for the professional biggest base for the professional networking site, with 35 million registered members. That's up 10 times from 3.4 million in 2009, the year it opened its office in India. That equates to a compounded annual growth rate of 40% in these seven years. Earlier this month, it opened a bigger R&D and engineering facility in Bangalore--its biggest in Asia--with plans to have more localized content and develop technology to make it easier to access LinkedIn on 2G connections.
 Similarly, for Microsoft, India is critical for its cloud products. CEO Satya Nadella has been focusing heavily on cloud products such as Office 365 ever since he took charge in 2014.
In India, it has invested in three data centers, and Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik told Times of India last year that India is one of the first countries outside the US where the company has made such big investments in data centers. "It will be one of the largest footprints in terms of data centre capacity in India. In terms of scale, scope and capability, we are going to change the way computing will happen here," he had said Cloud usage in India is growing dramatically, as evident in the establishment of big data centers not only by Microsoft , but also by the likes of Amazon and IBM.
Connecting LinkedIn to Microsoft Office 365 can help the attendees of meetings learn more about one another directly from invitations in their calendars. Sales representatives using Office can pick up useful titbits of background on potential customers from LinkedIn data. It's many such synergies that the two expect to exploit.

Iphone 7 and 7 Plus Rumours

Hello Viewers,

Once Again Good Morning..!

Have a nice sunday.

Iphone 7 and 7 Plus
Iphone 7 and 7 Plus Rumours

Today i am coming with latest news which is leaked on internet regarding iphone 7.Read Iphone 7 and 7 plus  spec

Based on leaks from the internet to well-known publications like the Wall Street Journal, the general consensus is that this year's iPhone will be a modest update.

There will reportedly be no significant redesign,  the iPhone 7 is expected to come with the same design as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but with cleaner antenna lines.

For a months, the rumor has focused on the iPhone 7 ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. But the reason Apple may be removing the ugly antenna lines that run horizontally on the back may be related to camera improvements.

A larger camera cutout could mean any number of big imaging changes are coming.

If authentic, the rear camera on the regular iPhone 7 will have a larger rear camera (bump and all). A larger cutout could also mean any number of changes are coming. A bigger camera sensor for better low-light performance? Optical image stabilization? (OIS is currently only in the larger iPhone 6 and 6S Plus.) More megapixels? Dual-phase autofocusing like on the Samsung Galaxy S7?

And what's going on with the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus? Is Apple preparing for a major zoom overhaul, like what LG has on its G5, where one camera is a regular angle lens and the second camera is an ultra-wide angle lens? Or will it take an approach like Huawei's P9, which uses two cameras (one of them shoots a color image and the other a monochrome image) to create a single sharp image? Or perhaps it'll be something completely new?

These are questions we don't have answers to yet and probably won't know until Apple announces the new iPhones on stage.

The new iPhones are expected to come with faster, more efficient Apple processors, iOS 10, larger batteries and maybe a touch-sensitive home button..Iphone 7 and 7 plus  spec

Another rumors says Apple may ditch the Space Gray model colorway and replace it with a deep blue.

Apple will announce the next iPhones this fall (likely in September). We've still got to get through the summer, but the wait's almost over..Iphone 7 and 7 plus  spec

Flipkart going to shutdown Ping & image search

Hi Viewers,
Flipkart going to shutdown Ping & image search
Flipkart going to shutdown Ping & image search

Flipkart going to shutdown Ping & image search

Flipkart is replacing a social shopping feature that allowed customers to reach out to friends and family on its mobile app with 1 that now allows interaction between sellers and customers.

The decision to shut down Ping, the social chat as well as another link that allowed customers to search through images, less than year after both features were launched is due largely to low customer interest in both products said a spokesman for the company.
"After 25th June, 2016 users will not be able to chat with their friends or family on Ping but will be able to browse through their existing chats on the app," according to a company statement. "Customers will continue to be able to share any messages or products through any social media platform of their choice,"
Ping and the image search button were launched as part of a major drive towards product innovation, which was led by the Banglore-based company's former chief product officer Punit Soni. Soni, a former Google employee quit Flipkart in April to pursue new opportunities in Silicon Valley.
"We will, keeping in mind the consumer preference, discontinue Image Search, but will continue to support the " Visually Similar" feature on the platform to make shopping easy and seamless," said a Flipkart spokesman.
As a replacement for Ping, Flipkart said it has launched a pilot for 'user to seller' chat and will soon begin 'user to customer care' chat on its platform. The new feature will help users to chat with the sellers about their product related queries, prior to even buying the final product.
Along with the user-seller chat, Flipkart will also allow its users to interact with the customer care executives on a real-time basis, for any order, returns or refund related issue. This project will begin by the end of July.
Stay with us for more..

Top 13 Facebook Tips

Top 13 Facebook Tips

Top 13 Facebook Tips
Top 13 Facebook Tips 

  • Disable Facebook messages “seen” option

Sometimes you may not be in a mood to give a reply to your friends. But your friends starts thinking that you are ignoring them when they see “seen by you” receipts. To avoid this simply you can disable that option by following this simple trick.
Download the Facebook Unseen Chrome extension
If you are a user of Firefox then download “Chat undetected“

  • Never forget the birthday of your friend by using this trick

Sometimes, you may forget your friends birthday. You may not be able to wish them. Your friend may get depressed by this. So send all upcoming birthdays to your Google calendar. It automatically reminds you on that particular date.
Go to your—>Events page in the left column.
Click on “upcoming birthdays” and Copy the link
Open Google Calendar and click on the down arrow next to Other Calendars > Add by URL, paste the URL

  • Search easily for the post on a certain topic posted by your friend.

If you’re looking for something specific a friend has posted, type their name and a keyword, and the post will appear in the results.

  • Hide your friends list

Sometimes people may search your friends from your profile and starts messaging them. To avoid this, simply change your privacy settings so that other person cannot view your friends list.
Go to—>Friends tab
Click on “Edit privacy“.
Change it to “Only me“

  • Share your post only to the people whom you want to share

Go to—> “Who should see this?” menu next to the Post button
Select Custom and add your friends list to whom you want to share.

  • Stop auto-playing of videos in your news feed

Most of times your data may be wasted in loading the undesired videos on your news feed. This problem was mainly faced by those users who are accessing their facebook through mobile phones.
Open the Facebook app > Settings > Videos and Photos > Auto-play
slide to disable Smart Auto-play and then select Use Wi-fi Only.

  • Size of Photo

Know the exact size of photo to be uploaded for cover photo and profile picture.
Many of the times you may be confused to select the perfect photo which perfectly fits as the cover photo.
Upload the photo with dimensions: 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall

  • Avoid receiving annoying game requests

In the Facebook app, go to More > Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push
Uncheck Application Requests

  • Turn off chat for only some friends.

Sometimes you were in a mood to chat with one person and want to hide your online status for some other person. In this case,
open the chat window and click on options icon (gear symbol icon).
Then go to advance settings and select Turn off chat for only some friends.
Now you can add names of people you’d like to ignore.

  • Change your relationship status by hiding it from your friends

Go to the—>About tab > Family and relationships
Change your privacy settings to “Only Me”.

  • Edit the picture after uploading it from the Facebook app.

After uploading a photo, you can just swipe on the image left or right.
You can press the Edit button for more options. There are seven to choose from.

  • Download “Photo albums”

You may come across various photo albums. To get all those pictures, you download all those pictures individually. Instead of that, you can download all those pictures from the album at once.
Download and install FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader
It allows you to download your friends’ facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums with the click on a button.

  • Choose one of your friend as your legacy contact

Facebook has created a way to name a legacy contact who will manage your account after you are gone. Your legacy contact will have the ability to write a pinned post for your profile, respond to new friend requests (, or update your profile and cover photo they won’t have access to all your messages unless you proactively decide to give them access. To assign a legacy contact,
Go to Settings > Security > Legacy Contact tab and
choose one of your Facebook friends to handle your digital affairs.
You will also have the opportunity to choose that your account to be deleted after you die.

Apple IPhone 7 and 7Plus expectations

Hi viewers,

Apple IPhone 7 and 7Plus expectations
Apple IPhone 7 and 7Plus expectations
Apple IPhone 7 and 7Plus expectations
Apple going to launch next model 7 and 7 plus, we can expect that by coming September.

What we can except on 7 and 7 plus.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus specs: A10 CPU, 3GB and 4GB RAM options.
Apple IPhone 7 and 7Plus expectations

Coming to specifications, iPhone 7 will be powered by a Apple A10 processor paired with 2GB RAM and iPhone 7 Plus with a 4GB RAM running on the same processor with higher clock speed.
In all probability, Apple will ditch 16GB internal storage. Hence, you can expect 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage for both iPhone 7 and Plus versions. There is also a possibility of Apple releasing a 256GB ultra-storage model, which will ostensibly be oriented for business users.
The upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to bear a 12MP rear camera coupled with a 5MP front-facing snapper. An 8MP front sensor is also feasible, taking into account the current selfie trend among youngsters.
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus camera: 16MP and 12MP rear camera, 5MP or 8MP front camera
As far as the iPhone 7 Plus is concerned, you can expect a 16MP rear camera. It doesn't make any sense to bundle same camera specs in both low-end and high-end versions.

Apple will ditch the headphone jack port in both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and incorporate lightning connector. Instead of a 3.5mm headphone, you will have to make use of Bluetooth headsets or headsets specially manufactured with the new port connector.
Talking about battery specifications, the new iPhone7 Plus will have more battery capacity than the iPhone 7. While the iPhone 7 will sport a 3,000mAh battery, the Plus variant will most likely accompany a 4,000mAh juice pack.
Let's see on September.

Conjuring 2 Review

Conjuring 2 Review.
Conjuring 2 Review
Conjuring 2 Review

We already know conjuring 2 released over all all over world. Let's see the review.

Firstup all we can see the story,

After 7 years the amityville horror case, a single mother in north London is terrorized similarly, she and her 4 child living in haunting house and ghost wants their blood.

Can ed and Lorraine save them? That's it.

Normal horrar movie, nothing much expected.

But we can expect the thrilling and scaring etc.,

Developerinvention Rating 2.5/5.

Barack Obama's daughter Malia set to graduate from high school

Barack Obama's daughter Malia set to graduate from high school
Barack Obama's daughter Malia set to graduate from high school

A achievement has arrived for President Obama's Daughter Malia is graduating from high school.

The 17-year-old is receiving her diploma from the private Sidwell Friends School on Friday. Malia Obama was just 10 years old and longing for a promised puppy when her family moved into the White House. During seven years of growing up in the public eye, she has gotten and shed braces, learned to drive and even spent brief stints away from her family.

Presidents are parents, too, and it hasn't been easy for Obama to watch as his daughter - "one of my best friends" - has grown up fast, and in front of the world.

"I'm not going to talk about the fact that my daughter leaving me is just breaking my heart," he said last week.

Months ago, the president blamed his emotions for declining an invitation to deliver the commencement address at the elite school where Malia is among 127 members of the Class of 2016. Younger sister Sasha, who turned 15 on Friday, attends Sidwell, too.

Neither Obama nor his wife, Michelle, has said what Malia has on tap for her "gap year". But delaying the start of college could keep her close to her tight-knit family as it prepares for another big transition next year: the end of Obama's ground-breaking presidency. The Obamas plan to stick around Washington for several years after the president leaves office so Sasha can finish high school here.

Both parents often praise Malia and her sister for being normal, happy kids despite living lives that are anything but normal.

Start with calling the White House home. They were the youngest kids to do so since President John F Kennedy's children, Caroline and John Jr, and they were trailed in public by Secret Service agents. Obama has joked that it was comforting to know that when his girls were out and about they were being watched over by "men with guns".

Malia has traveled to Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean with her parents, and taken a school trip to Mexico. She's met celebrities and high-powered people, including two popes.

The first lady has said her daughter wants to be a filmmaker. Malia has had summer internships on the New York set of HBO's "Girls" and in Los Angeles on a CBS sci-fi drama, since canceled, that starred Halle Berry. The experiences allowed her to sample life on her own, though not outside the reach of her Secret Service protectors.

Three months into her new White House life, Malia got the long-awaited puppy: Bo, a Portuguese water dog that was less likely than other breeds to aggravate her allergies. Obama had promised his kids a dog after the November 2008 election.

The young girl whose swing set still sits just outside the Oval Office is now taller than her 6-foot-1 dad, and turns heads whenever she's spotted around town - including driving her car.

At school, Malia played soccer and tennis, the flute and piano. In a house with 132 rooms, she opted not to share one with her sister. Both girls get themselves up early every day to get ready for school, the first lady has said. They also make their own beds and handle their laundry.

Credit: Times of India

Google has launched new certification program for software development agencies


Google has launched new certification program for software development agencies
Google has launched new certification program for software development agencies

Google has launched new certification program for software development agencies

The idea behind the program is to recognize agencies that “have undergone the required training and have demonstrated excellence in building Android applications.
In total, 13 agencies in India, Russia, U.K. and U.S. have already been certified since Google 1s Announced its plans for this program last Dec . These agencies work with both large enterprise clients and startups.
While Google notes that it does “not endorse, or offer any warranty, regarding the certified agencies,” the idea here is obviously to highlight some of the agencies that Google itself considers among the best in the ecosystem. While the focus here is on Android apps, Google says me that the program also includes support for agencies that work on web apps, also

“The Agency Program is an effort by Google’s Developer Relations team to work closely with development agencies around the world and help them build high quality user experiences.
Google will provide certified agencies with personalized training, excellence content, priority support and access to the company’s developer relations teams. Certified Agencies will also get early access to upcoming developer products and help with UX reviews.

Chat On Whatsapp without internet

Chat On WhatsApp without internet.
Chat On Whatsapp without internet
Chat On Whatsapp without internet

Yes friends. It's true.

For this you need purchase sim card, using this sim card you can chat unlimited WhatsApp.

Its available in many countries. Visit and place your order.

Sim cost:

Rs.900 per year. You can send unlimited texts and emoji.

If you want send addition multimedia messages like photos and mp3 videos you need pay additionally.

Cost is too high but if they can give on offer price we can start using this.

Hmm.. Let us see.