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Paytime mobile recharge

Paytime mobile recharge

Paytime mobile recharge
Paytime mobile recharge


Paytm provide free mobile recharge upto 10,000.

Just Add 1 rupees from your paytm wallet. Share that to your friend using paytm mobile app, while sharing metion #Paytmkaro on comments field.

Thats it you got free paytime money upto Rs.10000.

Enjoy with developerinvention paytime mobile recharge.

Password Security Policies - ISMS

Hi viewers,

Password Security Policies - ISMS
Password Security Policies - ISMS

Today we are going to see password security policy. Its part Of ISMS (International security management system).

1. Use a combination of letters (lower and upper case), numbers and special characters. You can even use emoticon symbols like :p, :D or ;). You definitely wont forget these!

2. Password Must Be 6 Letter Long.

3. Dont use dictionary words; its easy to crack such passwords.

4. Do not use the word password for your password. Its terribly weak and can be hacked in no time. Also, do not use letters or numbers in series like abcd or 1234

5.Use the initials of any phrase to form a strong password.

6. Your password must be easy to remember and hard to guess.

7. Change your password every week.

Stay with us for more.

Earn From Smartphones

Hello Friends,

Earn From Smartphones
Earn From Smartphones

Once again greetings..!

Today I am coming with such wonderful tips and tricks to earn money from smartphone. Presently we are paying more bucks for paying mobile bills and recharges. Now no need to worried about that.

Follow simple way you can get that amount.

1) Use Bing search instead of using google. From bing you can get 100rs/Month.

2) Use databack app. Its available on google play. Get databack for using data's.

3) Use Taskbuck app download few apps and kept for few days. You can earn 100rs/Month.

4) Use Ladoo App. Download few apps from that and kept for few days. Also earn 25rs/referel. I AM EARNING 500RS/MONTH FROM THIS.

5) Use FreeCharge app for recharging  invite your friends to FreeCharge and get 50% cashback for their first recharge. You can earn up to 4000 from FreeCharge.

That's all.

Now no need to worried about mobile bill or recharges. From this method continuously you can recharges for freely.l, no need to pay any single bucks.

Stay with us for more.

Comment here if more clarification needed.

Trick to get unlimited internet

Hello viewers,
Unlimited internet
Unlimited internet 

Trick to get unlimited internet

Today I am going to share the trick to get unlimited internet.

But you can utilize only on night and it's applicable only on airtel.

Please dial *129# and activate 8 rupees pack you will get unlimited internet from night 12am to 6 am.

Use unlimited data.

Next  day call customer  care and tell them to 8 rupees detected and ask refund.
They will refund.

Make landline call from apps

Hello Viewers,
Make landline call from apps
Make landline call from apps

Make landline call from apps

Yes. Very soon

 You may soon be able to dial landline or mobile phone numbers from popular internet apps such as Skype, WhatsApp or Viber, following clearance for inter-connect agreements between internet service providers and telecom operators by an inter-ministerial panel of the government on Monday.
The move may result in substantially lower charges for voice calls (which would be billed as per data usage), though poor quality of internet networks - a general irritant with broadband services in many parts of the country - could be a dampener.

Apple's new iPhone SE first look

Apple's new iPhone SE first look
IPhone SE first look

Hello Viewers,

Apple's new iPhone SE first look

Hope you're enjoying weekend.Here we will see first look of new iPhone SE.
You get the same 12-megapixel rear camera that's in the much larger iPhone 6S, but for $250 less, at about $400. You also get the same speeds and graphics capabilities.
Of course, you don't get everything. The SE isn't going to be right for everyone, especially power users. Now that Apple has started taking orders, with shipments due in a week, keep these differences in mind:
- Most noticeable is the front camera. The SE has an older 1.2-megapixel camera -- not the 5 megapixel one in the 6S. But with software improvements, selfies taken with the SE came out better compared with the iPhone 5S it replaced. In addition, the SE's screen turns into a front-camera flash. That's more important than megapixels in darker settings.
- Though you get the same rear camera as the 6S, you don't get an image-stabilizing feature found in the jumbo iPhone 6S Plus. This won't matter to most people, though. I typically have to blow up shots and look real closely for differences. You get the same options for panorama shots, slow motion and high-resolution "4K" video in all three phones.
- The SE lacks a barometer, which means fitness apps won't record stairs climbed. The SE also lacks 3D Touch, in which you can press on an icon hard and harder for shortcuts and other options. Including it would have made the phone thicker. You can still perform the same tasks, but might need an extra tap or two.
- The SE doesn't support "LTE Advanced" cellular technology, which can be twice as fast as regular LTE. The iPhone 6 doesn't either, and frankly, I didn't even notice when I got the 6S. There's one SE model for Sprint and another for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. China has its own model, though both US versions should still work there and elsewhere abroad -- data will just potentially be slower without LTE Advanced.
- The SE doesn't come in a version with 128 gigabytes of storage -- just 16 GB for starters and 64 GB for $100 more. Many high-power users will probably want a bigger screen anyway, but if that's not the case, splurge for 64 GB. Your phone will fill up quickly -- especially as still images now come with three-second videos by default, doubling storage requirements.
Promised battery life for video and Web surfing is 13 hours -- a few hours better than the 6S. It helps that there's less screen to light up.
The SE largely retains the boxy feel of the 5S, so old cases will work, but you don't get a smoother feel from the larger phones' curved edges. On the other hand, the smaller size feels more comfortable, and had there been a curved design at that size, your phone might slip out of your hand more easily.
I ran 14 miles with the phone in my hand or pocket and forgot about it. Oh, I miss that size. But the screen now feels tiny for reading and typing, now that I'm used to a bigger one.
If you've been clinging on to your 5S because you don't want a larger iPhone, now is a good time to upgrade. A new wireless chip enables payments with Apple Pay. There's faster Wi-Fi, though not as fast as the 6S. You can also access the Siri voice assistant anytime hands-free, without pressing the home button.
Though your 5S might last a few more months, it's going to get tougher to run the latest software and apps. And the $400 price is $50 less than what the 5S sold for. If your 5S is in good condition, you can trade it in at an Apple store and get the SE for $240, in 24 monthly installments.
Many Android makers have shunned 4-inch screens in premium phones. You're stuck with mid-range phones that lack high-end cameras and speeds. I had expected older technology in the iPhone SE, as Apple usually has 2-year-old hardware at this price. Instead, much of what's inside is just six months old -- better than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Sure, there are trade-offs, but at least Apple didn't try to pressure people into larger models by skimping on what matters most.

How to get cashbacks for airtel recharges

Hello Viewers,

How to get cashbacks for airtel recharges
How to get cashbacks for airtel recharges


Now most of online recharging sites are not providing any offers, cashbacks on airtel recharges.

This post will help you to get offers on FreeCharge site.

Its simple step.

Just do recharge on airtel number from FreeCharge.

While doing recharge change the network from airtel to Any other network.

Then apply any promocode, you will get the cashback once recharge is done.


Stay with us for more

Wordpress Include Functions

Wordpress Functions

First Header Include header.php template files from your current theme's directory.  If a name is specified then a specialised header- name.php  will be included.
Wordpress Functions
Wordpress Functions

Header Functions

<?php get_header( $name );  ?>

Single Header

<?php get_header(); ?>
<h2>Error 404 - Not Found</h2>
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

Multiple Header

if ( is_home() ) :
get_header( 'home' );
elseif ( is_404() ) :
get_header( '404' );
else :


get_sidebar ( string $name = null )

Load sidebar template.

Includes the sidebar template for a your theme or if a name specified then a specialised sidebar will be included. For the parameter, if the file is called “sidebar-special.php” then specify “special”.

<?php get_sidebar('my-bar'); ?>

Sidebar Left and Right

<?php get_header(); ?>
<?php get_sidebar( 'left' ); ?>
<?php get_sidebar( 'right' ); ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

Comments_template Functions

comments_template ( string $file = '/comments.php', bool $separate_comments = false )

function comments_template( $file = '/comments.php', $separate_comments = false ) {
    global $wp_query, $withcomments, $post, $wpdb, $id, $comment, $user_login, $user_ID, $user_identity, $overridden_cpage;

    if ( !(is_single() || is_page() || $withcomments) || empty($post) )

    if ( empty($file) )
        $file = '/comments.php';

    $req = get_option('require_name_email');

<?php comments_template( '/short-comments.php' ); ?>

<?php comments_template( '/custom-templates/alternative-comments.php' ); ?> 

Tips to design good website

Hi viewers,
Tips to design website
Tips to design website


Tips to design good website

While large beautiful pictures may look nice, it actually could harm your websites success, especially considering with 2G.
When starting out web design the first and foremost tasks is not to configure a new Photoshop project to the specifications of the new page. On the contrary tasks such as planning and creating the wireframe, making sure you list all the issues related the website loading speed and efforts in the direction of picking the right design format for the website are more important.
The website design can always be optimised for speed and it is also possible to make other minor tweaks at a later stage. However, this is not the best practice for designing a website.
Thus when set out to design fast and effective website here is the main factors to consider and steps to take:
Website Loading Speed
The website loading time is of great importance. This is one factor that almost everyone is aware off in this highly mobile world. Just about every other person is using their mobile device to access the internet.
Thus the important factors to keep in mind when developing a website are that your website is going to be viewed on devices of multiplatform and multiple sizes. Besides which each device will have varying network connection speeds as well.
Optimized images
Using massive images on the website is a rookie mistake that almost all of us make. Many of us do allow the use of massive images on the website since the Internet speed is gradually on the rise.
On an average one expects just about everyone to have fast broadband connection or connected to a 3G, 4G or above mobile network, which deliver high speed internet.
The fact of the matter is that massive images are still not advisable. The big images will still slow down the website and affect the overall performance of the website. Besides which it is also necessary to make sure your images are responsive too, so that it appears good on the mobile browser.
Fancy Code
Placing fancy code is all very well. Just about everyone prefers a fancy website to a drab and dull one. However there many alternatives to slow loading graphics and animations when it comes to creating more appealing websites.
One of the easiest and quickest approach is to use plain HTML5, CSS3 and even make use of JavaScript to develop stunning websites that can even have an edge over their competitor.
Other factors
There are several other factors that can help you develop faster and more efficient websites. This mainly on the type of website you are developing. For a PHP website, it is necessary to optimise the database queries to make sure it is efficient.
For a WordPress website it is possible to follow certain design techniques that make sure your WordPress website is optimised. A similar concept applies to all other types of websites too.

Wordpress Shopping cart Installation

How to Use WP Shopping Cart

Wordpress Shopping cart
Wordpress Shopping cart

Add the shopping cart to your theme.

Copy wp-shopping-cart.php to your theme directory. Call the shopping cart in your functions.php file: Normal PHP shopping car


Configure your settings.

In the wp-shopping-cart.php file, replace these variables with your information:
$paypal_account - Your PayPal email address
$cart_icon - An icon for your shopping cart link, if you have one
$url_store - The URL of your store
$url_cart - The URL of your shopping cart
$url_update - The meta info/URL when the cart is updated
$url_success - The meta info/URL when the checkout is successful
Shipping variables - Based on shopping cart subtotal value

 Create product pages.

Create pages for your products, and use the [add_to_cart] shortcode to create links.

Shortcode variables:
product="PRODUCT NAME"
options="TITLE=OPTION 1|OPTION 2|OPTION 3" (Not required. Limit 1 set of options.)

[add_to_cart product="T-Shirt" price="20" options="Size=Small|Med|Large"]

Create a shopping cart page.

Create a shopping cart page, and use the [checkout_cart] shortcode to embed a cart.

 Add a link to the cart.

Add a link to the cart anywhere on your site using the [checkout_cart_link] shortcode or <?php echo checkout_cart_link(); ?>.

Another Method

WP Shopping Cart Installation

  • Unzip and Upload the folder “wordpress-paypal-shopping-cart” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Activate this Plugin
  • Go to settings and configure the options your peyment method paypal email,shopping cart and return url etc
  • Use the shortcode to add a product a post or page where you want it to appear

WP Shopping Cart

To add the ‘Add to Cart’ button simply insert the following shortcode to a post or page next to the product description:

[wp_cart_button name="PRODUCT-NAME" price="PRODUCT-PRICE"]

Replace PRODUCT-NAME and PRODUCT-PRICE with the actual name and price.

Here is an example usage of the shortcode:

[wp_cart_button name="Test Product" price="19.95"]
To add the shopping cart to a post or page, insert the following shortcode to a post or page.

Using Button and Cart Form a template File

To Add 'Add Cart Button' from template.php file use this code:
<?php echo print_wp_cart_button_for_product('PRODUCT-NAME', PRODUCT-PRICE); ?>
<?php echo print_wp_cart_button_for_product('wordpress', 7.50); ?>
To add the shopping cart to the sidebar, simply use the widget from the widgets menu or add the following line to your sidebar template file where you want the shopping cart to appear

<?php echo print_wp_shopping_cart() ?>