Advantages of wearing sarees

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At present culture girls are not like to wearing saree, but there is lot of advantages are there on sarees, this post belonga to that..

Excellent Attention Grabber: Can’t help but put this as the first point! Well, don’t blame me; I’m a media student. I’ve spent three years and a huge sum of money in learning how to get people’s attention! And I have never failed to turn heads when I wear a Saree. And it’s not just me, anyone my age wearing a Saree will turn heads (given that it is draped well, you carry yourself well and you have a reasonably agreeable persona.) A Saree just happens to be one of those things that bring out the beauty in a woman.

Adapts to your figure: Women are very conscious about their attire matching or suiting their figures. Well, the Saree is just the right thing for such a purpose. One can adjust one’s style of draping a Saree to one’s figure. Tall and slim? Wrap it closely with an unpleated, long pallu. It will enhance your height without making you look too thin or bony. For a stout figure on the other hand, wear it a little loosely with a well pleated and pinned pallu so that it doesn’t make you look bulky and gives you a touch of elegance. Then again, you can play around with the prints and patterns and styles of blouses and couple them with the right accessories. There are permutations and combinations to suit everyone.

Sexy as well as brownie point earner: It’s a sexy outfit. These are not my words but those of soooo many people who’ve complimented me every time I wear one. As I said before, it brings out the feminine side in women like few other garments. However, it is better if you’re not consciously attempting to do that because that could very well edge towards making you look cheap and slutty and totally screw the other side of the benefit; the brownie points. While you look sexy, you still earn some magnificent brownie points with the more conservative, older people around. So you enter the good books of a whole range of people with one master stroke!

It’s roomy: To people, a Saree looks complicated, difficult to handle and even claustrophobic. If that is the case, then the Saree has not been draped well or you don’t know how to walk wearing one (or both!) When a Saree is draped in the right manner and is pinned up in the required places, not only is it elegant, it is easy to handle (you DO NOT need to struggle with even one inch of the cloth; just let it comfortably BE on you.) Once you get used to the feel of it, you’ll realize that whoever that intelligent woman was who first draped it the way we do, took the idea of ‘leg space’ very seriously. There is a reason why there are so many pleats to a Saree. Not only does it look pretty but when you walk, the pleats provide enough cloth that flexes- accordion like- to make room for your legs!

Poise and Grace: All said and done, it is easier to wear a pair of jeans or a party dress. But it takes poise and grace to carry off a Saree beautifully. I wouldn’t say that a Saree would go well for any occasion; I wouldn’t expect one to walk into a pub for a mad night in a Saree. But for social events, it’s an amazing attire. It is not a task for the weak-kneed nervous women. When a woman wears a Saree for an occasion and walks amongst the party, her smiling head held high, it is her subliminal announcement of being calmly in control of herself and often, the heartstrings of some people around.

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Hi Viewers At present culture girls are not like to wearing saree, but there is lot of advantages are there on sarees, this post belon...

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