Latest Web Designing Trends You Cant Miss

The world of web designing is truly dynamic. It is constantly evolving. Today the eCommerce scenario is extremely competitive and it is therefore, necessary for innovating, adapting and staying abreast with the latest trends in web designing and on-line marketing. The leading e-commerce sites for the year 2016 would definitely be those, who are smartly taking advantage of the advanced and current on-line trends.
Web designing trends change every year just like fashion. However, unlike fashion, changes in the world of web designing are triggered by developments and advancements in technology. Just like web platforms keep changing and evolving so do web designing trends.
In the year 2015 there was a commendable change in the world of web designing and most innovative websites implemented the minimalist approach. How are the latest developments in the world of web designing going to affect your business today? What should you be expecting if you are thinking of building or revamping your website for e-commerce? Here is a list of some of the latest web designing trends that would soon be gaining momentum in the year 2016.
Keep it Simple & Standard
The current trend in eCommerce website designing is that it is best kept simple. If you consider the two leading on-line retail giants Walmart and Amazon, both are almost identical as far as design is concerned. Both have opted for a simplistic site frame with search bar, basic header, popular product listing and featured web banner in the homepage.
This is precisely because the emphasis is on CRO, conversion rate optimization and not because of any lack of imagination and creativity. Renowned eCommerce sites have understood what actually works and what never does in terms of generating increased sales on-line. They would therefore, continue with their basic winning formula, but would make slight design modifications from time to time. If you are planning to launch an eCommerce business, get in touch with Eighth Orbit, for all your web marketing solutions.
Beautiful, Bold and Big Fonts
Bold fonts are the current trend. Boring black and safe fonts are getting replaced by beautiful, bold and big fonts to attract attention. Of course, there is absolutely nothing problematic about boring and plain fonts if you are thinking in terms of a corporate website. However, all other types of websites would be embracing colourful and large fonts. There would be a boom of colourful and bold fonts in the year 2016. There would be a dramatic change in the way we are used to seeing text on-line.
CSS3 Is Here
CSS3 layout modules will be in vogue in the year 2016. Most of the popular browsers would be implementing CSS3. Layouts would not be looking drastically different. However, the underlying code would be much simpler and far more reliable.
Splurge of Animations
Animations obviously, are not something new, but you should be seeing many more animation techniques in web designing through 2016. Both larger and smaller animations would be used as both are highly entertaining and quite effective, when used in right proportions and doses. Overdoing it would be a real disaster for you as your visitors would really be turned off.
Hamburger Menus Are In
It is no secret that mobile devices are increasingly used for viewing web content. As a result of this trend, more and more web designers are coming up with hamburger menus. This implies that navigation would not be visible until expanded. This gives a really attractive, aesthetically appealing and a cleaner site. However, this may not work for all websites. There are chances that users might not explore or discover major sections of your website. Moreover, users might not be interested in browsing through your website in the absence of obvious or clear navigation pathways.
Every year new web design trends appear and 2016 will certainly bring many more new trends besides those discussed here. If you are a web designer, then just remember that no matter what trend you follow, you have to keep the basics right and make sure that the sites you create dont just look good, but help the users achieve their goals as well.
Latest Web Designing Trends You Cant Miss Dev2Tricks 5 of 5
The world of web designing is truly dynamic. It is constantly evolving. Today the eCommerce scenario is extremely competitive and it is th...

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