Introduction to codeigniter

Introduction to codeigniter

Introduction to Codeigniter
Introduction to Codeigniter


Codeigniter is one of the Framework and the basic principles of MVC architecture. MVC Format Module Control View It will show you how a basic codeigniter application is constructed in step-by-step fashion.

  1. Codeigniter is Most Used Module Active Record basic database queries.
  2. Form Validation is Used
  3. Site Url Passing Method Routhing basics

why use codeigniter

Useful Documentation

Codeigniter most advantage CI over any other framework is it's documentation.  CIs documentation is 10 times better than other framework documentation I have come cross and I strongly think thats because CI is backed by a company and not just a community.  EllisLab, the company behind CI, takes a lot of pride in CI and they have big plans for it and thats why they don’t have a problem in spending the time that is necessary to come up with quality documentation for the user community.

Database abstraction and more.

Every decent framework has a database abstraction layer nowadays and CI is no exception. You can easily create insert, update and delete statements without needing to write raw SQL. Handle connections to multiple databases within one application and connect to any of the following database types: MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi, MS SQL, Postgre, Oracle, SQLite, or ODBC. CI also lets you manipulate your database like add/remove columns from tables, create new tables and remove old ones using it’s new database forge library.

No installation necessary.

Believe it or not, one of the hardest things I have experienced with trying new frameworks is installing them. I am not a fan of UNIX command line so I tend to look for tools that I can install and use by just uploading files to a directory. CI fits this requirement nicely. No need for PEAR packages or server modifications to get the framework up and running. Just upload the files to your server and your off.

MVC Architecture

The model, view, controller architecture is nothing new. It seems like all the coding frameworks are MVC nowadays, and if they aren’t it can be configured easily. I have had experience building large apps the procedural way and every time they end up with unmanageable spaghetti code. The MVC way of doing things offers nice code separation and keeps things clean. Some frameworks force you to do things by the books but CI lets you use MVC in a way that makes sense you. If that means ignoring models all together then so be it. Codeigniter Module

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Introduction to codeigniter Introduction to Codeigniter Introduction Codeigniter is one of the Framework and the basic princ...

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