Top 10 Android Apps - March

Top 10 Android Apps
Top 10 Android Apps


Normally whenever I have got free time I will search on internet, this post belongs to what are all apps in top position in march.

Top 10 Android apps - March
Kicking off this list is yet another hotel booking application, and you may already have one that you tend to use when you have need of a place to stay, but it never hurts to have backups or an alternative just to make sure youre getting the best deal. Aside from having 150,000 hotels for you to search through, you also save 5% off your booking cost when yo book through the app.
Coming in as the latest app from Microsofts Garage team, Sprightly allows you to create presentations in a collage type format whether it be for work or for personal use. Images are easily addable and you can create something from scratch or you can choose from a list of available templates.
There are already quite a few social apps out there, but Peach aims to offer something a little bit different. Its more or less a messaging app but it includes sets of magic words that bring up specific content relevant to the word like GIFs or videos you can shared in the message.
Hub Keyboard
Another Microsoft Garage project app, Hub Keyboard is all about giving you the stuff you need from other Microsoft services like translate, documents from Microsoft Office apps, and your contacts, all without having to leave the app youre in just to get that information as its readily available inside of the keyboard.
League Friends
This one is geared towards League of Legends players and wont do much good for anyone who is not a fan of the game, but if you play even occasionally it will surely be helpful. It comes straight from Riot themselves (the studio behind the game) and allows you to stay in contact with your friends list so you know who is online at any time. This way you can chat, or arrange a game.
This app is strictly meant for those with the eero home WiFi system. If you have picked up one of these devices or are planning to, then youll want this app installed as it will let you manage different aspects of this self-updating mesh network in the home.
Driveclub Companion App
This is another app geared towards gamers, specifically those of the PS4 title Driveclub. The app originally launched back when the game did, but it was pulled and just recently was launched back in the Play Store. Use the app to check up on your challenges, accept new ones from friends and rivals, and more.
You can never have enough photo storage. If you agree with this statement then you may want to check out a recently launched app on Android called Everalbum. It lets you store unlimited amounts of pictures and helps you organize them. It even has a cool #throwback feature that lets you enjoy older moments captured on camera.
Technically, Hound isnt really new as it was available before today, but only in a closed beta which you had to register for and be accepted. Now its finally available for all. Its s digital voice assistant that not only has similar features to Google Now, but it also offers up completely intelligent responses and contextual follow-ups. You also get results back pretty rapidly which makes it all the more useful.
Hands Free
Rounding out this list is Googles new mobile payment system. Unlike Android Pay or any other mobile payment solution, Hands Free does just what it says, it lets you make mobile payments without even touching your device, because you dont always have your hands free to do so. The only caveat is that its only available in San Francisco right now as thats where its being tested. If you live in the area though, its worth checking out.
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Top 10 Android Apps Hi, Normally whenever I have got free time I will search on internet, this post belongs to what are all...

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