Apple Iphone Prices Are Increased

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Apple Iphone Prices Are Increased
Apple Iphone Prices Are Increased

Really Its a shock news who are all in india.  Normally our one of the aim is we need to purchase iphone in our life. But Apple has increased cost of phone in india.


Apple has increased prices of iPhones in India.The surprise revision in retail prices comes at a time when the company's new device SE got a poor response and managed to sell only a few thousand units.

Unknown Sources said Apple decided to withdraw some of the discounts offered in January-March 2016 period. "It was felt that SE, which was criticized for having a 'high price tag', will not be able to see much traction if prices of bigger-sized iPhone 6 and 6S devices are not corrected. So, the decision was taken to revise the price upwards," a source said.

While 16GB version of 4-inch SE made its debut at Rs 39,000, a similar specced (16GB) version of iPhone 6 is available at Rs 31,000 and 6S at Rs 40,500. "After the revision, iPhone 6 costs Rs 40,000 and 6S comes for Rs 48,000. We are trying to build a healthy buffer," the source added.

The company also decided to tinker with pricing of iPhone 5S, making it costlier by 22% to nearly Rs 22,000 against Rs 18,000 at present. Apple has also come out with corporate offers and EMI plans to push sales.

Apple recently held a meeting with top executives and key distributors in India, especially in view of the launch of SE. "The stock of SE was in any case kept at a low level," a source said. "A strategy is being worked out to pitch the device more effectively."

A potential source of worry for Apple could be a good response to Samsung for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. After launching in March, Samsung managed to sell nearly twice the numbers achieved by the previous-generation models in the same period.

"Another problem for SE in India is the small screen size. Indians are increasingly buying larger screen-sized phones, even at the lower-end of the market. A lot of data is consumed on smart devices and smaller ones do not find much favour with buyers," a Unknown source said.

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Hello Viewers, Apple Iphone Prices Are Increased Really Its a shock news who are all in india.  Normally our one of the aim is we n...

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